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Check Alpari
Heartfelt greetings to all blog readers today I will tell you how to register OK.

Articles investment in the Internet and what is PAMM account, I began to tell: what is a PAMM account how to invest online and how to make money, and promised to write you every step of the way, let's begin with register with Alpari.

I think many of you will handle the registration money and without the article, but some budding Internet entrepreneurs can't do without my prompting, and even better download video tutorial Forex, everything is shown step by step.

Check-in at Alpari is the same for all, whether an investor, Manager, trader or partner.

To register go to the main page of Alpari.

On the main page of the website of Alpari in the upper right corner there is a button "my account / Register".

When clicked, without going to another page will come up field with the two sections, "enter personal Cabinet" — as you know, this will be your login Alpari, and the field "Register my account".

In the field "Register my account" you need to put a tick next to "individual" in the field "E-mail: write your e-mail.
♦ It is better to use paspaley E-mail which you use for correspondence with friends, for a variety of registrations on web sites, for example forums, subscribing to various newsletters, for example, I use a separate mailbox, which is protected by a very secure password for the domain registration, WebMoney operations, and for such systems, which invest money (Alpari).

So back to check in Alpari, and then have to click on "Full registration", if you click on the "quick registration", in the future the functionality of the personal account, Alpari will be limited, and you will still have to undergo a full registration.

And then we are transported to the page where the registration field, enter your valid data.
• Important! Data need to provide reliable, so that later no problems with money withdrawal.

Well filling your data I think you can do it yourself, take up your passport and fill in all the fields.

Want to cancel that at registration it is necessary to agree with all the regulations Alpari by ticking the box "I have read and agree to the following Regulating documents:", that is to put three checkboxes, and another checkbox to stamp just below, we hereby confirm that have entered your real data.

So is the need to fill in the phone password, the password you need in case you withdraw money from the office of Alpari's always one way (the same wallet), and then went and changed the method of withdrawal or changed your e-wallet, remember all this is only done for your safety and the safety of your funds.

In conclusion, you need to confirm that you are a real person and get the code for protection from automatic registration, you have to choose one of three methods of confirmation:

Personally, I chose "mobile phone", clicked on the "Get" button, the system Alpari was asked to confirm a correctly written my name and surname in Latin, I checked and clicked on the "OK"button.

In a minute after all that I got the SMS message with a code that I entered in the field "Enter the code of protection against automatic registration," and clicking on "Register".

All if you check to trade successfully, then you will be automatically redirected to your personal account, which will help you to understand page: "Alpari my account".

After registration, I recommend you to immediately use a demo stchet Alpari to gain experience of investing and then to invest real money and see my review of the best PAMM accounts.

For today!

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