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Demo Forex account
Most novice traders in the Forex market believe the popular recommendation for beginners to try their hand on a demo account before trading with real money, just a trick Forex brokers. This misconception is due to the current stereotype that you download demo Forex seek only those novice traders who have no money to open a real account, well, or those who are not so lucky and who have lost a lot of money on currency trading.Therefore, it is often the novice traders from day trading eager to earn real money, not virtual "wrappers". As a rule, the final such typical manifestations of human stupidity and greed, the sad and predictable.

Remember that forex demo account is not only a great study aid that allows you to get real experience and sharpen the practical skills of trading in the market without financial investment, but a proven tool for testing new trading strategies. There are many compelling reasons why in the beginning of his career in the foreign exchange market, beginners should not immediately rush into the pool with his head" and to open a real account with a large cash Deposit. Below are five main reasons why Forex demo real account is preferable for beginners:

1. Forex demo account clearly displays the potential and knowledge of every trader. Rarely, but it so happens that a particular person and Internet-trading – not compatible in principle. Forex demo allows you it is easy to determine without really pointless monetary losses.

2. Trade on the demo account helps a newbie trader easily learn the basic principles and concepts of the foreign exchange market.

3. Use a demo account allows the beginner to hold the individual setting for the trading platform for your brand without the risk of losing money. Also, the Forex demo version gives you the opportunity to develop their own profitable strategy of capital management in the future to apply it on real account.

4. Forex demo account effectively destroys all "castles in the air and misconceptions about Forex and also introduces the trader with the realities of Internet trading.

5. In the process of safe trade (from a financial point of view), the new traders learn to control emotions and make decisions in stressful situations. Thus forex demo account puts the trader in conditions as close to reality.

It usually take at least two months before the trader out of the Forex demo trading to trading real account. And many successful traders suggest to make a Deposit not earlier than six months of profitable trading on a demo Forex account. How to operate, only You can decide.

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