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Diagram of on Forex how to make money fast
Why gray scheme? Yes, because it is not only high efficiency but also low moral standards. If you want to trade to do everything yourself, earn decent money from your own Deposit, then this review is unfortunately not for You.

This time will be the story of a rather cynical and not a very decent way of generating profits through Forex trading. So, let us turn to a plan, and it is not difficult, especially if You already have experience in trading.

A person who chooses to use this method you will need:

1. PAMM-account with one of the brokers (a list of brokers with PAMM accounts);
2. "hard" trading system or expert Advisor (it is desirable that he used the martingale principle);
3. the time for posting on forums and a remedy for hiccough.

The scheme in Forex is very simple - register a PAMM account, replenish it on the minimum amount which is enough for trading a selected method. If you still don't know what a PAMM account, be sure to read here. Now briefly I will explain about PAMM, I'd like to continue.

PAMM is a regular trading account on Forex, but with one exception - You can join the investors who will like this trade. When registering an account set, what is the minimum amount an investor can add to Your working capital, as well as what percentage of the profits with depositors ' money will accrue to You.

Most interesting - no responsibility for the possible losses You are talking about, so even if the account will be fully merged with all investor, Your loss is the small capital that you have put on the PAMM-account during check in. You already know what I mean?

The task of the trader is to trade actively, albeit risky, and in parallel to look for investors, creating relevant ads on various forums. What is the profit?

It's very simple, but particularly striking is this scheme in Forex, if you give an example. Imagine that the man opened a PAMM account and put him $200 for the trade. In terms of the Deposit found that the attachments are received even $10, and 40% of the profits from the investment shall be transferred to the trader (he).

Then begins the trade, as will be discussed below, and is quite aggressive. On account of the see yield here the trader is sent on the thematic and non-thematic forums. Its task is always to create topics about your PAMM, saying how fine he is a currency speculator, which he had remarkable success and now all interested persons have an opportunity to earn using his mind.

Of course, professional traders and investors will immediately cull the offer, as statistics on the account will not be enough, and the arguments and facts are not impressive. On the other hand, there are plenty of beginners who would like to have even a small, but passive income, especially in such a difficult financial time.

The grey Forex chart and calculated. People begin to fill the money in the PAMM (all this in automatic mode is done) and the trader in circulation it is not $200, but, for example, $5200...

I think You're saying is that for this scheme you need to be able cool to trade, and then investors will not have time to collect as merge, and how reliable such an idea? Most likely, it is not reliable in terms of the length of the "raspberry". As a result, probably, the account will be drained, but the task of the trader in this case up to this point through capital investors to earn more, constantly taking profits.

Here is a very rough estimate:

1. the trader has $5200 ($5000 - money investors);
2. let managed to earn only 40% to drain;
3. 40% of $5000 $2000 that a trader always shot (as soon);
4. in the end, the merged account, the trader lost $200, sub-account, earned and withdrew $2000.

Money can be collected much more, and earn, if you're lucky with the aggressive trade can also be more than 40%. Now about what methods you can use to trade, that would be so quick to find investors and make money.

Need a method that will not cause damage, even if he is not going anywhere from the high risks, it does not matter in this case. As a first option - the EA built on the principle of the martingale. You can Google free Ilan, for example, is fine if its set to aggressive.

The second option refers to trade hands. Select a currency pair and viewing the economic calendar, so as not to run into news, and then wait for a unidirectional price movement in pips (the amount you choose, depending on the pair).

If the market goes without a rollback points, enter the transaction against the price movement with a fixed take profit value Y. it is Desirable that Y was 2-3 times less than X. If they receive in the transaction profit, then fine, waiting on new opportunities to open a position.

If the market is not reversed and continues, then the loss of Y points open a new position in the same direction as the first transaction. Then the trick will be that when the market moves against our positions, we re-open the transaction, but that would be their General (all open trades) and take profit are not estranged from the market price by more than Y points:

Explanations to illustrate the scheme in Forex

From level # 1 begins X items necessary for the conclusion of the transaction. This distance must be completed without significant correction upwards. As soon as the market managed to overcome the pips, the transaction is buy (level 2) with take profit = Y. This transaction is marked (1) and has a volume of 0.1 lot.

If the market turns up and takes Y points, the position is closed. If it is down then through Y of points there is another buy (2) 0.1 lots. Take profit on both positions set to level 1 (the spread in the example is ignored). When the price first deal is closed with zero, and the second with a profit of Y.

Likewise, when the prices fall on level No. 3,4,5,6, only one new transaction will open with a greater volume. Consider the example of a closure order series. After position opening at the level of No. 6 with a volume of 0.8 lot, take profit of all trades is set to the level number 5. Price rises and closes results:

• (1) brings -3Y*0.1 lot;
• (2) brings -2Y*0,1 lot;
• (3) brings -Y*0,2 lot;
• (4) brings the 0*0,4 lot;
• (5) gives +Y*0,8 lot.

So, we receive (believe in lots): -0,3-0,2-0,2+0+0,8 = +0,1. Investors will not even see losing days after all such trading is possible every day to earn, until we merge because of an extended trend against the position of the speculator.

All operations in this situation should be apart at the same distance, but the amount of each new position will have to increase, that would not delay the take profit from the current market price. The calculation is made that is not an endless trends, and in addition, we specifically are still waiting for a motion that would conclude the first deal.

As a result of such manipulations, the trader implements the gray color scheme on Forex, trying to earn more and faster. So, from the point of view of morality the way quite plain, but the review is devoted to is not "white and fluffy" options, namely the "hard" scheme. To apply or not is up to you, but this information will be useful at least in order not to fall into the trap of such "well-wishers".

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