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First steps and successes
You decided to try hand at Forex exchange? Where to start? How to overcome my laziness and start playing Forex? 
If You are seriously thinking about how to master this incredibly profitable process, do not hurry to rush to invest. Remember, any skill you have to learn, it is necessary to develop both practical and theoretical skills, as well as to study the experience of successful people.

So, how to start playing Forex?

To read a few small articles unknown brokers – not the best science for confident steps on the Forex market and not a reason to invest their honestly earned money. If You are in a city comes to a well-known broker with a workshop for beginners or in Your city periodically pass these classes with experienced craftsmen, go and listen to the advice of people who already make money on it, You will receive invaluable knowledge and skills with speculation of currencies on the Forex exchange. Also you should read the textbooks well-known brokers and listen to their advice. Through these sources You will get a rich vocabulary of terms and will be able to define such words as "diversification", "spread", "trader", "consolidation", "order". But these knowledge to play the game with currencies on Forex is not enough. We advise You to exercise your knowledge in practice, make a demo account is an account with virtual money without any investment. At the moment, this account is on the site in different brokerage companies. So You will be able to practise his knowledge, is absolutely not risking your money.

How to win in Forex?

There are many known techniques like win-win to play the with currencies on Forex. According to the method of the martingale after each loss you need to double the set amount. And the Kelly is the opposite, when it needs to reduce the amount after each loss and increase each time you win. This method is less risky, but it is unknown at what method you can earn more. In any case, any study strategy you need to analyze, test, and develop your own strategy.

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