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Forex in Russia
The process of formation of the Forex market in Russia is largely connected with the gradual creation of a civilized economic relations and strengthening their legal base. More likely, one of the main roles in this process was played by the development in Russia of the Internet and information technology. Although, I must admit that in the West Forex ceased to be a "Playground" of large banks and international financial institutions for real only when pavilasovich to work for an independent private Forex traders had the opportunity, thanks to the Internet, instantly to conclude the transaction in the foreign exchange market.

Largely successful promotion of Forex in Russia was carried out due to the fact that the country is rapidly changing and growing, and investors began to appear required to operate in such markets funds. Since the second half of 90-ies in the mass consciousness has an established stereotype that Forex can provide a sustainable and substantial profit for the investor even with a small starting capital. And also among citizens as a means of payment is widespread U.S. dollar, which contributed to the "ordinariness" of foreign exchange transactions.

The first traders in Russia, mostly used the services of foreign banks and brokers, and has learned from their mistakes and successes, the basics of Forex trading. It is thanks to their enthusiasm in Russia appeared in the subject literature on Forex, at first conversion, and then the domestic (after all, many of the professional traders and later became translators and authors of such benefits, the benefit level of Russian mathematics and statistics has served as a good tool for this).

Gradually the needs of the market led to the emergence in Russia of branches of foreign initially, dealing centers, and then an independent domestic financial institutions providing services to the operations in the foreign exchange market. The expansion of the network of dealing centers and reduce the cost of access to a worldwide network allowed us to make the service maximally convenient and inexpensive. To date, the Forex industry in Russia by far took place and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The contribution of this process and make Russian mathematicians and programmers create localized programs-terminals for concluding foreign exchange transactions and effective analysis of the situation on Forex. It is no exaggeration to say that many of these programs are used by traders all over the world.

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