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Forex tester - a useful tool for currency traders
In accordance with the generally accepted opinion, the best tools for the establishment of the assistants of the Forex market and test different strategies have cent account and demo account. Here everything is clear and simple – when working on cent accounts with the minimum loss, and while working on demo account they are non-existent. Only need to consider the difference in the demo account on the actual operation of the market.

The main drawback of these two tools is that it is impossible to "compress" time. For example, you need to analyze the strategy for the whole year. Need to wait for a whole year, watching the market? And if you make a mistake and need to go the other way? To solve these problems there is a special program Forex tester.

Using the software, novice traders can without worrying about your wallet to exercise, to work out the possible moves, or simply to grasp the essence of the movement of the trend. This simulator of the Forex market allows you to go back and go through everything again, but with other data. Is it possible to stop time and think carefully about the situation on the currency market.

Interface, forex tester is very similar to the trader's terminal. The program operates using two modes – testing and editing. Test mode allows the user to "drive" the situation on the currency market at a given speed and at any time to stop and analyze everything. In edit mode the user puts real information on the markets and generates ticks for the next test.

The program simulator is of interest in itself – it can be easy to download and play as some economic simulator. After all the money spent on the purchase of the forex tester will be significantly less than the losses that may be incurred on the inexperienced market trader, and they will pay off very quickly.

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