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Fundamental analysis of the Forex market
Fundamental analysis of the Forex market is an important aspect of good business. From the results of the analysis will depend on the success of speculative trading.

In the basis of fundamental analysis Forex trading are indicators prices exchange rate of the currency demand and supply, and economic factors that affect the status of the exchange.

Fundamental analysis ends with reports. Data on indicators of fundamental analysis out systematically, thus informing the traders a reliable picture of the market.

Depending on the objectives of fundamental analysis, the research level can be very different. If the goal is to investigate and to predict medium-term market indicators Forex analyze internal and underlying causes of fluctuations in exchange rate differences. This type of research will provide an opportunity for analysis of all events on the currency market. This type of analysis will enable the investor to exclude such unnecessary research factors as market noise, and focus on more important indicators.

If the goal of fundamental analysis is to investigate short-term trading. It will be harder. The results of the research will show the limitations on the rules of your funds. This analysis is often not enough funds to cover recently appeared loss.

Fundamental analysis indicators can be divided into groups such as:

• indicators reflecting the movement of trade and investment capital in the market;
• factors indicating the current state of the monetary market in the whole country;
• total macroeconomic factors;
• indicators reflecting the dynamics of production and trade;
• statistics of labor activity;-
• indicators of inflation changes on the exchange;
• actual indicators of monetary policy.

Fundamental analysis of Forex market helps the trader to take one of two types of solutions.

The first possible solution – long-term investments.

The second option events trade news feeds.

Fundamental analysis Forex allows the trader the time to track all the events of the economy and the actual state of the market, and then lead a policy of earnings on speculative trading in view of the existing factors of fundamental analysis.

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