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General principles strategies for Forex
Trade in the foreign exchange market can bring a substantial income, even a person without special training and financial education. Success is the ability to analyze, strong nerves, willingness to learn and develop. Each employee, and that work pretty hard and specific, necessary win-win strategy of Forex. The term does not mean the closure of each transaction in the black, but will profit in the long term. The basic principles of trade worked even in the stock market today are successfully applied and improved. They are based on the claims of the cyclical fluctuation of currency pairs and patterns trends.

The first statement is calm, the market moved to some channel, limited lines of support and resistance on the upper and the lower bracket rates accordingly. Course, comes to one of the lines, under the influence of various factors takes place in the opposite direction. It is the work of Forex strategy. A trader is watching the market for some time, defines the limits of the channel. When approaching the boundaries and the reversal of the trend exposes a fair lot. Reached the opposite border bid opens and closes the counter.

The strategy of trading inside the channel can be short or long term. Depends on the particular trader of frames of the channel and the size of the Deposit. Short-term allow us to take profits and react to the situation on the market. Long term rates require a large margin because there are short-term jumps with the breakdown of the support lines. They are based on the fact that the market has a memory and no external shocks restores the rate within certain values.

The second statement - in the case of breaking the restrictive lines of the channel, the trend is continuing for some time. This is the most profitable Forex strategy, gives the chance to win big. The jump can be as short, to return to the previous frame, and a strong movement under the influence of external factors. For confident trading need a reliable signals about market changes and their duration. The success of such a strategy adds the aim of the traders that establish trades in the course of the trend.

Creating profitable strategies in the Forex time-consuming and individualized process. For some people it takes place on an intuitive level, others with the help of mathematical calculations. The only thing to say in common - every successful trader she is sure to have.

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