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How to choose a dealing center or a broker company?
As a rule, in the case of a small initial Deposit You will have to contact the dealing center, and not in the Bank, although this is not a universal truth.

Almost any dealing center provides long-term work with the demo account, that is, in the real market You can trade virtual money without risking their own capital. When You are sure that you will be able to earn on Forex, You will open a live trading account that fits Your financial capabilities. Recommend You to start with a small Deposit, until You are comfortable on the market.

To choose a specific dealership You will help the information presented in the section All services of our site. In addition, a special section is present on the forum of our portal.

Be aware that in any dealing center possible technical problems that You will inevitably encounter. Be sure to specify the coordinates of the technical support service of Your dealing center and do not hesitate to disturb them on all issues. If You are satisfied with their service, it is Your broker.

Choosing a broker read reviews from other market participants about the company, especially its customer complaints, carefully review the website of the broker and are presented in this documentation. And of course, try to work a long time using the trading terminal of the broker's demo account. By the way, tech support brokerage firm is obliged to adequately relate to the problems of those users who use a demo account.

The choice is yours!

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