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Indices of PAMM or want everything at once
About what is PAMM system we mentioned earlier. Briefly mention only that it is an opportunity to invest their funds in successful traders in Forex. Turns out favorably for everybody, because the Manager receives funds for trading, the investor increases its capital at the expense of profitable trades made by the trader and the brokerage company where the account is opened, increases your turnover. But here's the thing, the PAMM system began to offer a huge number of different variations, many of which are seemingly successful. How to choose a Trustee, if there is no experience in the market?

First, to evaluate the work of currency speculators. It just seems that if the trader's Deposit is located on the first line of the rating of PAMM – accounts, then everything is fine. In fact, things are not so simple, and the investor would be very useful knowledge about market, trading, ways to trade and so on.

Without any knowledge, the novice investor is likely to miss the mark when choosing someone to manage their capital. Ends the investment loss of the entire amount due to the inexperience of the trader. And then you have to either leave the market or start studying, but as it turned out, there is at least one option. We are talking about PAMM-indexes, which are becoming more popular.

Indices of PAMM - tool for novice investors

Brokerage companies are also well aware of the problem and the managers, and investors. In an effort to facilitate their activities, organizations try to add new features to both sides of the trading process, increasing the efficiency of their interaction. So there indexes that are somewhat similar to mutual funds. For ease of understanding let us have recourse to the following analogy below.

For example, there are different joint-stock companies, whose shares can be freely bought and sold on the market. We are not expert in the securities and can not understand what the proposals now are profitable and which are not. By purchasing the "right" stocks, we have a few months to make some money, but buying the "wrong" securities, we lose part of our capital.

Investment portfolio includes various securities. Specialists brokerage company be it from shares, which may not be equal. Depending on how high the risk is planned for a portfolio can be selected equities, bonds and other securities. The company's specialists, who work not the first year in the financial environment, determine which investment instruments to use and which not to use.

As a result, potential clients see how over time the mutual Fund rises or falls in value, which is obtained by changes in the value of securities, which are included in it. Actually, the specialists of the brokerage company took care of the creation of an optimum investment portfolio, getting rid of the "agony of choice" of its customers. Of course, different mutual Funds may show different levels of profitability, but it's safe to say that this variant is suitable for those investors who do not understand anything in securities.

Index Forex the analogy of mutual Funds

A similar situation was created in Forex, because to choose the PAMM – account, too. A novice investor may not understand exactly how the principle of trade Manager uses, and this is very important if we want to at least roughly predict the prospects of the account. The same may not be clear which parameters in the statistics of the trader's most important for analysis of its trade.

For one in the first place can be recommended to make use of the PAMM – indexes:

• investors
• investors, who have no time to deal in a variety of PAMM – accounts selected broker
• for those who want to diversify risk (you can split the money for the indexes of various companies)

Understanding the complexity of the choice,employees of brokerage firms can form so-called PAMM indices. Going the most successful from the point of view of the company PAMM – accounts, for which investment capital is allocated to are set by the organization proportions.

For example, the index may contain offers three governors. At the same time, investing in an index investor's capital may be distributed as follows: 20% are transferred to PAMM №1, 40% on account No. 2 and 40% in the third PAMM.

Seeing that is offered to all investors with multiple indexes, it is possible moreover that to study their return for the last time, but also to study composition. Then the investor becomes easier to decide where best to invest money. In this case, the client's company is diversified in several PAMM accounts that are included in the index.

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