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Intraday Forex trading
Intraday trading, also known as day trading on the Forex market, is a type of online trading the main feature of which is the conclusion of one or many transactions within the trading day. In most cases, time intervals between opening and closing of the trading transactions can range from several minutes to several hours. Intraday Forex strategy gained popularity among traders with a very active position in the foreign exchange market, who work regularly on the stock exchange and make a large number of transactions per day.

Despite certain difficulties in the development of intraday trading, day trading in the Forex market remains very common among beginners. For example, intraday Forex strategy for 5 minutes attract beginners a wide range of opportunities for almost instant profits in a short period of time and minimal monetary investment.

In order to achieve success in day trading in the Forex market it is very important to be able to make correct predictions about the daily movements of currency exchange rates, which is very difficult, since a large number of external factors that affect exchange rates and lead to high volatility. Successful day Forex strategy is only possible if constant monitoring of the situation on the market, a good reaction and the ability to quickly analyze the dynamics of currency pairs.That is a wealth of experience and knowledge of technical analysis, combined with observation and patience, allow day traders to develop effective strategies Forex and get high profits at relatively low risks.

Most popular intraday Forex strategy is scalping and Pipsing that represent system conclusion a large number of short operations, based on the fast opening and closing within one trading day. When scalping, the trader profit is formed due to the significant volume of open positions – because every trade trade is closed when making just a few pips profit.

Day trading can be a stable source of big income, only if a trader has an effective Forex strategy and a significant amount of free time devoted to Internet trading.

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