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Intraday strategy
The principle of intraday trading is quite simple and not complicated almost anything. Traders using intraday Forex strategy, there are several core strategies that are the most profitable and productive:

1. Trade on impulses. This trading strategy is to trade strong and the countertrend price movements often caused by the release of economic or political news. Time period for trading in the pulses can range from 30 seconds to an hour.

2. Trade on breakouts. The strategy is based on buying a currency if its price has moved above a certain level. Speaking about the sale, here it is the opposite. Breakthroughs can be in different time formats. The most popular charts for traders who trade breakouts are fifteen and five-minute charts. The time of holding a particular position can range from a few seconds to days.

3. Trade on pullbacks. This intraday strategy is considered to be the opposite of the methods of trading breakouts. Sell on pullbacks traders are trying to determine the position in which the price of the currency rolled back a great distance to justify the entrance. 

4. Scalping. This strategy is extremely short-term intraday strategy. Traders who use the daily Forex strategy on this system, trying to catch the slightest fluctuations in price and fast closed and open positions, trying to get these actions more earnings. Many dealing centers forbid the use of scalping, so before you implement these strategies you must be familiar with the terms and conditions of the existing agreement on cooperation. 

5. Trade on spreads. Such intraday strategy can be viewed as a variation of scalping. Using it, the trader aims to buy the currency at the cost of the proposal and immediately sell it at the cost of demand with a small surplus. To use this strategy today has become much more difficult, since virtually every dealing center has significantly decreased the size of the spread.

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