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Open trading account in Forex
To begin to trade in the foreign exchange market, you must first open an account on Forex. This means that the person (trader) who wishes to earn on Forex, registers an account, which will be his money. For these funds a trader can buy or sell amounts of currency that are measured in lots.

All Forex trading comes down to a speculative action when it is necessary to buy, if the currency is cheap and sell it when the price has risen. The market price for all players United, it is formed by the ratio of supply and demand.

All the money also be on the trading account, You will see how the balance of the Deposit will increase. Then you can either take the money you earned, or to use them to trade, thereby increasing its turnover, and hence future profits.

To open a trading account on Forex, you must first go to the website of the brokerage company. Recommend proven and reliable broker AForex. It is a big company with favorable trading conditions and highly professional customer support, so that, for beginners at the time.

Click on the button "Open trading account". Below is a short questionnaire for the registration of a trading account. It should indicate the name, surname, telephone number and email address. The name can be filled in Russian.

After completing all fields click "Next". Now you need to complete the information about yourself.

Passport data, namely, series and number of the document can be recorded together. Select your date of birth, specify the country and city of registration, click "Next".

In the new window there is such a frame, as shown below.

First, it is possible to select the type of trading platform, through which it will work in the market. Strongly recommend to choose MetaTrader4, especially if You have no experience in trading. This is the platform immediately checkbox is selected. 

Second, the illustration above shows that the choice between the three types of accounts: Classic, Direct, NDD Pro. They differ mainly trading conditions. To work on Classic accounts and Direct enough $100, and the differences between them are only two:

1. Classic with fixed spreads, and Direct floating.
2. Quotes the Classic account with 4 digits after the decimal, and Direct quotes with 5 digits. This means that on account of Direct quotes will be a bit more precise (detailed) than the Classic, which will be reflected, however, only trade scalpers.

In my opinion, it is more profitable to trade on the Direct, because most of the time spread there is less than Classic and 5 decimal places allows you to monitor the slightest changes in market prices.

NDD Pro account for those traders and professionals. Work on this Deposit will only with the amount of $10,000 or more. NDD Pro is characterized by high speed of execution of trading orders, as well as more favorable trading conditions.

In the line "Password" specify the password that you will need to log into your personal account on the website of the broker AForex. The second line must be duplicated. Don't forget to record the password in a safe place!

Below there is the line "promotion Code", which is optional. If it will score 09131, I am grateful. This action on Your work absolutely no effect, and the company Analyst will know that You met her through the site.

Click "Open an account". Now You have the details of Your trading account. "Username" is the account number and Password to login into trading platform" is the password to use to log on to your Deposit in the terminal. These data will be sent to your e-mail address that was specified when registering the trading account.

On the same page, located below the links where You can download a free MetaTrader4 trading platform. It should be installed on the computer as well as to replenish the Deposit. How to use the trading platform, read the article.

Clicking on the link "add", once You get to your personal account. Click the orange "Deposit" button. In window simply select the Deposit method and amount. Most money transfer methods, it is possible to enroll the necessary sum on your trading account.

Continue to go to your personal account, just go to the website of the company AForex, at the top of the website select "my account". On the next page you will be prompted to enter email address and password that were specified during account registration.

The whole process takes less than five minutes, and installing the trading terminal, you can immediately access your Deposit. How to do it, explained in detail in the article about the MetaTrader4 trading platform. Fund your account, you can start learning the trade and earning money.

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