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Quantum analysis – efficient and effective method of predicting the Forex market
The Forex market can be compared with complex, variable and seemingly unpredictable system. With the aim of predicting price movements and determine the future trend direction, many scholars, researchers and analysts have invented all sorts of methods and methods of analysis. Each of the theories are based on certain postulates, factors, regularities that allow us to make the best predictions on Forex.

One of the proven methods for forecasting the foreign exchange market was recognized as the quantum analysis Forex, is a form of technical analysis. Created it Dukascopy Bank — Andre Duka. This method of forecasting is based on the laws of physics, more precisely, on the methods of wave mechanics. To determine trend strength applied quantum fan speed clearly displays the speed of price movement at a specific point in time. This approach to market analysis involves the use of a scientifically proven practice channel trading that gives you the ability to clearly define goals.

So, quantum technical analysis is designed to study the time series of various origins, and as Forex quotes consist of graphs, this in fact is the time series. The basic idea of quantum analysis assumes that the transition from the space-time quotes in the so-called space Duka, is a place where laws and equations of quantum mechanics.

Quantum analysis allows to generate a fresh style of thinking traders at the new level of abstraction that allows them to see reversal patterns in the form of private cases moving quotes between quantum channels.

This way analysts involves the use of quantum graphs, which has significant differences from conventional. The advantages of quantum graphs:

• the effect of quantum velocities, which helped to reduce the permissible ranges of finding the quoted price of the currency pair;
• more accurate canalizing achievement of quotations, where the construction of the channels takes into account the parameters and calculations before the formation of the channels quotes.

In the quantum analysis of the tilt angle and the width of the channel can be constructed over any designated period of time, due to the attraction of the equations of quantum mechanics. Moreover, these formulas give the possibility to calculate constraints on the magnitude and duration of the current trend, allowing virtually immediately identified temporary and price targets for designated trading positions.

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