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Scalping in Forex
Among the many strategies in the foreign exchange market separately, stands out scalping on Forex. Decide first, what is it? #Scalping on Forex# based on daily opening and closing large number of transactions and the main thing in them – the profit should cover the spread and bring small profit. Thus, the most important moment of scalping on Forex trading (Pipsing, as many are called scalping. From "catch pips") is the entry point into the market. 

Thus, it is logical to understand that the basis of scalping strategies is to work on minute charts. To confirm the tactics used by the intervals above, but as a rule, to updates. Of course, in one short review, is difficult to hold a full-blown analysis of scalping in Forex, but more importantly, what is the difference between scalpers (or picowiki) is ill-discipline in the observance of their own money management. This is because scalping is based on high leverage, where a Deposit of 300-500 dollars you can open almost the whole lot, but also risks to lose all depots per minute also go very close. And a full day on two or three screens. In other words, successful pepsoft engaged full time (or even two sessions, American and Asian), has a clear rationale for any market entry, and clear boundaries for profits. Not chasing profit, a predictable srednesrochnoi, catches the whole curve on the chart and he does not care where you will go one or the other currency after an hour or two or three. 

Scalpe Forex, a successful scalper is a desired client for any DC. Opening daily half a orders, one spread pepsoft brings more than some srednesrochnoi completely drained his depot. But nerves at the same time spend their. It is worth to repeat that scalping in Forex is a hard discipline and very competent policy of opening orders.

And finally. Which would not have been the success of the scalpers, the market is able to surprise us. The most unexpected, albeit infrequently. But the scalper typically is constantly a significant part of the depot. Conclusion? You are absolutely right that the mandatory use of stops. Just as a habit from when opening an order. No, to preserve and increase the depot popsovikov that do not use stops.

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