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Stock market or Forex?
Stock exchange and Forex trading are two different financial instrument, which are partly interrelated, but not dependent on one another. We can say that by and large, the stock exchange and Forex trading are fundamentally different only in trade, as most of the principles they have similar (mechanisms of transactions, sources of income from transactions, etc.). Trade the Forex market – online currency rates and stock exchange shares and securities.In most cases, stock exchanges are an integral part of major trading platforms which are transactions of purchase/sale of currencies, raw materials, goods and precious metals. The most authoritative and largest stock exchange located in London, new York and Tokyo, while the Forex market online.

In addition, the stock market differs from the Forex market, the size of the so-called "threshold of entry" or minimal capital with which to begin trading. So, to get started in the stock market trader needs to have cash reserves in the hundreds and thousands of times higher than the minimum Deposit for trading on a real account of the Forex market. For this reason, for many beginners, the question of what to choose – the stock market or the Forex market, not even worth it.

Trading in securities on the stock market is in a more measured and calm pace, especially when compared with the active and dynamic quotes of currency rates, which change every second. This situation leads to the fact that in the Forex market for a very short period of time to earn a huge capital and incur substantial losses.According to statistics Forex, many successful traders of the currency market, increase its capital, after several years of working on Forex moving to calmer and more predictable, but less profitable trading on the stock exchange.

What to choose – the stock market or Forex, it's only You. We can only advise – go to trading on the stock exchange after the acquisition of the necessary skills for profitable online trading and earned start-up capital through the Forex market. Reviews of traders who had committed such a transition from Forex to the stock market, also will be not superfluous.

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