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Switches and technical indicators
Arrow Forex indicators are considered semi-advisers, and is a modified versions of the indicators on a moving average. 

Work indicator Forex is very simple. At the heart of their work is the analysis of the moving average, which itself processes the information received and then sends a signal. In the process of indicator development use of statistical data in the last few years, on what basis and assigns specific results concerning changes of the trend and reaction of the currency pair.

In addition, arrow indicators Forex provide the opportunity for more information about the direction of the trend. If the signal supplied to the indicator which indicates the direction which is opposite to the trend – this deal is open is not necessary.

This integrated use of these indicators with information on the direction of the trend allows you to ignore a variety of false signals, and do not open positions that are associated with some risk.

Technical indicators are referred to as mathematical transformations of price or/and volume of a financial instrument that is used to predict price changes in the future. On the basis of signals from these indicators, decisions are made about when and how to open or close a position. Starting from the functional properties, technical Forex indicators can be divided into 2 groups: indicators oscillators and trends. Trend indicators help to allocate price movement in any direction, and determine the turning points with a delay or simultaneously.

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