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The decision to establish the current key interest rates of Central Banks
AUD Reserve Bank of Australia (Reserve Bank of Australia) 

The decision on the basic interest rate (Interest rate for overnight money market deposits, Cash Rate) in the Reserve Bank of Australia, was adopted by consensus of all members of the Board of the Bank. With the exception of January, meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. The decision is published at 8:30 Moscow time and is accompanied by the appropriate application (RBA Rate Statement). 

CAD - Bank of Canada (Bank of Canada) 

Prime interest rate Bank of Canada (Overnight Rate) was adopted by consensus at a meeting of the governing Council (Governing Council) of the Bank of Canada. Meetings are held eight times a year, and their results are published in 16:00 or 17:00 Moscow time (winter/summer) and is accompanied by a Protocol (BOC Rate Statement). 

CHF - the Swiss national Bank (Swiss National Bank) 

Meeting of the governing Council (Governing Board) of the Bank of Switzerland on the question of main interest rates (Libor Rate, or London Interbank Offered Rate), are held every quarter, usually in the middle of the month, on Thursdays. For decision making we need a consensus. The results are announced at 11:30 or 12:30 Moscow time (depending on time of year), and accompanied by a press conference and a special statement of the Bank (SNB Monetary Policy Assessment). 

EUR - European Central Bank (ECB) 

Basic interest rate of the ECB (Minimum Bid Rate) adopted by a vote at the meeting, which is attended by six members of the governing Board of the European Central Bank (Executive Board) and seventeen heads of Central banks of the Eurozone countries. Since the beginning of 1999 the meeting of the governing Council are held every two weeks on Thursdays. But a decision on the size of the core interest rate approved by the Board once a month, usually on the Thursday of the first full week of each month. The decision becomes known to the General public at 16:45 15:45 (winter/summer) Moscow time.Personal the results of the vote are not published, but after the meeting, immediately held a press conference where "voiced" the current financial policy of the ECB.

GBP - Bank of England (Bank of England) 

Basic interest rate of the Bank of England (Official Bank Rate) monthly approved its main administrative body, which is called the monetary policy Committee (Monetary Policy Committee, MPC).

The MPC meeting usually lasts two days and takes place on Wednesday and Thursday of the first full week of each month. However, sometimes these meetings are held exceptionally on Tuesday and Wednesday. The results of the meeting of the monetary policy Committee announced on the second day of the meeting at 15:00 or 16:00 Moscow time (depending on the time of year – summer/winter time). 

The individual votes of all the members of the monetary policy Committee are published two weeks after its completion, in a special communiqué, which is called "MPC Meeting Minutes" 

JPY - the Bank of Japan (Bank of Japan) 

The decision on interest rates (Overnight Call Rate) from the Bank of Japan is managing Board (Policy Board) – approximately fourteen times a year, dates of meetings fickle. The time of publication also changes from time to time – about 6-7 o'clock in the morning Moscow time. At the same time published and communiqué of the Council of the Bank Monetary Policy Statement. Later the same day and held a press conference devoted to results of session and lighting of the current policy of the Bank of Japan. 

NZD - Reserve Bank of New Zealand (Reserve Bank of New Zealand) 

The head of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand decides on interest rate (Official Cash Rate) alone, but after consultation with the Bank's management and invited experts. This happens eight times a year, and the result is published on Thursdays, midnight or 1:00 Moscow time, depending on the time of year (winter/summer). 

USD - Federal reserve (Federal Reserve) 

The decision to change or maintain key interest rates (Federal Funds Rate) in the U.S. is a prerogative of the open market Committee (FOMC - Federal Open Market Committee) of the Federal reserve system of the United States. On this issue routinely held eight meetings of the Committee during the calendar year. The Committee usually meets on Tuesdays, except the first and fourth in order from the beginning of the year – these meetings usually last two days in a row – Tuesday and Wednesday. The FOMC members on a regular basis there are twelve people: seven of them are members of the Board of Governors (Board of Governors) required the participation of the President of the Federal reserve Bank of new York, and four vacant seats on the terms of the annual rotation of the devotees of the President of the other eleven regional Federal reserve banks.

The decision regarding the rate changes announced at 22:15 Moscow time on Tuesday on the day of the meeting, or on Wednesday, if the meeting lasts for two days.

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