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Trade Forex without indicators
Forex trading without indicators that can be used on both short-term and long-term charts provides the strategy based on the analysis of candlestick patterns, wave analysis and candlestick patterns.

A popular trading strategy used by many traders as a subsidiary tool, is to search for graphic shapes, called "inside bar". Although it is quite rare, its appearance is a powerful signal in the Forex market. Inside bar is a candle, fully absorbed by the body previous. The current candle must log in with the minimum and maximum. To interpret the signals for this strategy is very easy. When the current candle is painted white and the previous black, open long position. When on the contrary, open a short. 

But for trading in Forex there are Forex strategy without indicators. Mostly they are based on finding patterns on the chart. The patterns are graphic shapes, constructed according to certain rules. When all the conditions of the appearance of pattern is observed, from figures given to a high-quality signal. Traders use candlestick patterns of reversal and continuation of trends. Regarding the placing of stop loss or take profit in trading without any indicators applied levels of support and resistance. Another good auxiliary tool - the Fibonacci levels.

There is another strategy without indicators that works on all currency pairs. This strategy is called martingale. It should warn of the danger. It is that losing trades another item worth 2 times more than the previous. Thus trade is conducted up to the moment until they receive a profit, covering all previous positions, Traders who use this Forex strategy without indicators merge sooner or later your Deposit. Forex trading requires discipline and effective money management. And this strategy is all the rules it violates.

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