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Trade on vacation? It's not a vacation!
Trading in the Forex market is available 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. To trade You just need a computer with Internet access, and sometimes more than enough and a mobile phone. This flexibility allows traders to trade everywhere and always, if only it was desire. However, this accessibility can have very negative consequences for Your summer vacation.

If You are going to trade during your vacation, then a vacation this time certainly can not be called. Although the idea is to increase the duration of release, "making" money at the same time enjoying the sun, - it seems very attractive. But for most people the opportunity to work and relax at the same time turns into a frustrating daily work without rest.

Vacation is necessary in order to refresh Your body and clear Your brain from the effects of intensive work during the year. When You return from vacation, Your "batteries recharged" will help You to show yourself as a trader.

Tracking markets

Some traders use their mobile phones to check their open positions. They promise themselves and their loved ones that will not sell, and only from time to time will satisfy your curiosity.

But if You are already logged in trading platform and see Your open positions, the curiosity can easily turn into a need to act. In the vacation, being restricted in the available technical tools and in his spare time, You can easily take a number of wrong decisions and lose money, thereby permanently damaging your rest, and not only to themselves but also to those who are dear to You.

But if You're doing it slowly, analyze the market and take a meaningful decision, then You're still not on vacation. You just work, albeit in a different place. Not enjoy life and not let my "batteries" recharged.

Positions that are open before the holiday

So You've decided to go on vacation and relax from everything: no charts, no positions, no unrest on the market - nothing at all. However, You have several outdoor "promising" positions, and You still want to keep them open during Your absence.

It can also spoil Your vacation because You will constantly worry about how to move Your trade. These thoughts will constantly torment You, and, most likely, You again return to the market. In this case, again You deny yourself a full vacation.

If You are ready for what during their vacation will constantly be "in touch" with the market, then of course You will be able to afford many of these "Bolotbekov". However, if You want a rest, before his departure without regret shadow of a doubt, close all your positions and "disconnect" from the market during the holidays.

But trading opportunities will always come and go. Do not regret about the lost, and will find something new!

Have a nice stay!

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