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Trading indicators time and volume
Time indicator Forex shows on the chart for specified in advance time frame the time elapsed since the beginning of the last candles, as well as the time remaining to the end of this candle. In addition, the chart also displays information about the amount of money on your Deposit, spread, currency pair, and the sum of all profits and stop losses for the current session.

The time indicator is not relevant to the group trading indicators because they do not determine the direction of the trend and its strength, not the signals on the sale/purchase, there is no possibility of finding the points of take profit and stop loss orders.

The time indicator parameters quite a bit, while setting them is not any difficulty:

1. lCountdown – countdown (demonstration of time which remained until the formation of the candles);
2. nColor – the color of the text that is displayed on the monitor screen;
3. lInfo – additional information.

These settings if you wish, you can disable: 0 – disable, 1 – show.
Options it does not prevent to observe the schedule of prices as displayed at the top of the trading terminal.

Tangible advantage of the stock exchange before the currency market is the ability to see the amount (volume) of the instrument. This means that stock market traders always see how many shares bought and sold by other players. In turn in the Forex market the situation is different, because we don't know now buy and sell dollar Euro. But in this case it is possible to use volume indicator Forex, which allows you to determine the volume of transactions, but not their orientation.

There are General rules for any volume indicators:

1. If trading volumes are reduced interest in the currency pair is reduced. While possible short-term stabilisation of the value or change trend;
2. In the process of increasing the trading volume expect increase of interest to the currently available dynamics of the exchange rate, a trend can turn around and increase;
3. There are situations in which a gradual decrease can lead to a sharp change in value.

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