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Trading platform
The Forex market is a highly competitive environment, and this is fully reflected in a large number of programs that are used to trade. For a beginner it will be quite difficult to take the sea to the right Bank. 

So let's try to build them a brief classification. 
All terminals, with the exception of highly specialized, are connected with the information servers via the Internet. There are programs:
• Installed on the user's computer. In this case, You will need to download the software, install it on your computer and configure the application (don't worry, the installation process is usually automatic and intuitive). 

• Use the Web interface. You don't have to download anything, You can control your account and make transactions using a standard browser, over a secure connection with the trading server.

• Installed on mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc. Here, too, the program you want to install, but it will be adapted to the capabilities of mobile devices, often much more modest than PC. Although the situation is changing rapidly for the better. 

Note: using a mobile device You will likely be able to use the access to trade through the Web interface. 

In addition, there are platforms: 

• is able to trade automatically, without the participation of the trader on his trading preferences, and algorithms.

• platforms are deprived of such opportunities. 

There are differences in the ability to embed your own indicators, expert advisors and strategies. 

• Programs where the implementation is allowed and encouraged. 

• Programs that operate only within the established range of trading instruments. 

You can also share the platform on the number of simultaneously managed trading accounts: 

• One managed account. 

• Simultaneously managed pool accounts. 

The platform can work: 

• With the trading server of one of the dealing centers.

• With a network ECN (Electronic communication network) – an automatic trading system, connecting the major players in the financial market (banks, etc) that form within the network of supply and demand. Here traders 100% protected from abuse by dealing centers. 

The differences concerning the possibilities of hedging: 

• Reciprocal open positions in one pair is in any case remain open and independent (locking or locking - locking).

• Most of the opposing positions completely absorbs your "antipode", trade remained the only difference between them (netting – netting). 

What is really important for the user of the trading terminal? 

• Convenience and "intuition" use. 

• Versatility. 

• Functionality. 

• Confidentiality. 

• Stability and reliability. 

• Efficiency (speed and clarity of execution of trade orders). 

Now, through the limited framework of this article we will look at particular examples of popular trading terminals.

It is hard to disagree with the assertion that the most widespread platform for trading Forex today is Metatrader 4 MetaQuotes. Some authors even divide the entire range of Forex programs on Metatrader and Metatrader.

Metatrader 4 is an intuitive, versatile program with a wide range of types of trade orders, trading instruments, types of graphical representation of the timeframe. Compares favorably with the speed and stability. Very common, comprehensively described in the literature. Exists in versions for mobile devices. There are also versions suitable for managing multiple accounts. Note that the software is multilingual, there is round the clock technical support. Russian interface is implemented perfectly, because the program is created by our compatriots.

But perhaps the main advantage of this program is the "openness" of the interface for native extensions. The program has a well-implemented built-in programming language MQL, thanks to which on its basis it is possible to use of copyright and non-standard technical indicators and expert advisors. By the way, perhaps the function of these advisers in automatic mode without the intervention of the trader. Successful implementation of this feature in the program allowed us to accumulate a huge "baggage" such additional features.Implemented in the form mql-modules indicators and strategies in a variety of specialized sites, with the lion's share of them are absolutely free. There's a flip side – so many that understand them, and you can "drown". A very significant share on the market of the dealing centers first and foremost, offer their clients Metatrader already fully configured under the connection with your trading server. Program besides directly receiving notifications for upcoming "news".

Metatrader already updated to the fifth version, which has absorbed the best features of 4-Ki. In addition, the new version is suitable not only for work at Forex, but also stock exchanges, and CFDs. It has more options of pending trading orders, improved graphics performance, appeared a special Supplement "Market Watch" that allows you to graphically display events on the market. But because of incompatible versions of the built-in MQL language possible problems with the operation of the previously written under 4 cu software modules.Even from the program were excluded the possibility of simultaneous opening of opposite orders (locking) – now open orders mutually absorbed (netting). Therefore, the distribution of new versions of some extent is constrained, including through a very successful implementation of the previous, 4-th version.

One of the most successful programs, which works on the basis of ECN, Currenex is the platform. Work through the ECN is considered to be more advantageous for a trader, because in this case there is no dependence on "distortion" dealing center quoted price in their favor, because in ECN the supply and demand are formed simultaneously and directly by the members of the network. It is better suited for working with large volumes by minimizing trade costs.

There are many programs, terminals, and all of them impossible to describe. Most of them are programs that are written in order and with participation of brokerage firms. Among them are very worthy examples. 

But it is the task of Your broker is to convince You to use his program. If the broker is to provide convincing arguments for You, nothing prevents You to "taste" like. 

In any case, for successful work at Forex technical and software You will be provided exhaustively.

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