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What is a cent Forex
At present, anyone can easily start trading in the foreign exchange market. So more recently, to open private accounts were a relatively large sum for most of the initial investment. Now to start trading on Forex you need a lot less money. In the most part trusted brokers the minimum Deposit to open a real account starts from the amount of one hundred dollars, but you can start the game in Forex and not having the money.Novice traders who are not yet confident in their own abilities have the opportunity to open a virtual demo account to practice the trading skills, or open a cent account Forex. Such accounts are distinguished by the fact that their currency is expressed in US cents.

Cent account Forex gives the opportunity for beginners the currency market to trade with minimal risk, using small amounts with open positions.

Demo account trading Forex is critical to most newcomers, as they allow to make the process of their adaptation to the conditions of foreign exchange trading – the most comfortable and mentally comfortable. Ignoring trade on demo account or cent account may lead a trader to commit stupid mistakes with serious consequences (as a rule, loss of Deposit).

In comparison with demo account, cent account there are a number of advantages that make it the preferred facility for novice traders. So, trade on a real, albeit small, money allows a trader to fully enjoy the immersion into the world of currency trading, while maintaining an atmosphere that is devoid of trading on a demo account. In addition, the cent Forex has another important psychological task of destroying a fantastic illusion that live in the minds of beginners, and replace them with real experience trading currencies.

Thus, a demo account is a great option for testing the effectiveness of new strategies, and cent Forex – best "bloodless" method for teaching and learning all the nuances of trading.

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