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What is the basis of technical analysis
Work on Forex has gained wide popularity in recent years. The former managers, heads of organizations, or even state employees at one point decide to change his life and become traders. The secret of their success in new and unfamiliar activities is simple enough to know the technical analysis of the Forex market and basic trading strategies to get a "tidy" profit.

Based on the analysis has several components. One of them is the fact that price takes into account all changes in economic indicators, and therefore, in addition to take them into consideration is not necessary. The second, equally important — each strategy has already been repeated before, all based on experience, and the strategy results easy to predict.

It is no coincidence that technical analysis Forex is the market research that is conducted on the basis of previously obtained results using ordinary mathematical graph. It determines the most opportune time in the market for transactions of purchase and sale. To conduct this analysis would not even professionals — no special economic theories to know that it is not necessary. Enough to have several analysis tools and be able to apply them.

Classic Forex technical analysis consists of a bar chart, schedule under a strange, at first glance, the title "tick-tack-toe", the oscillators, the average traffic rate.

The benefits of such analysis include the ease of use. It is much easier to derive a formula for a successful business, comparing visual graphics than making up a convoluted formula.

In addition, the methods of analysis are great for the short game on the foreign exchange market. And in certain conditions, research can make such profit that the traders can only dream that will come running to work to fundamental analysis.

Those players who use technical analysis of the Forex market, referred to as chartists. They are easy to find in the workplace, entirely littered with charts. Comparing the changes of variables, they include the fall, or, conversely, the rise of the cost with minimal errors and losses in benefits.

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