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What is the Forex is best for a beginner?
It is clear that the question is built is not quite correct, but in this form it is given by the beginners in the financial market, then it should start with him. So in itself the international Forex market is one for all. It is impossible to choose "what is Forex" and have the opportunity to decide through which broker to make transactions. In this article, the website megafx examines a topical issue.

What does it mean? We can not come to the Forex market and begin to enter into the transaction. For such activities, we certainly need a mediator, whose role is played by the broker. A company that groups the requests of its clients and brings the crowd into the market, as there is no need to deal in small amounts. The company that makes for us traders services such receives a Commission for each transaction, making it customer - spread.

It turns out that the market is one, roughly speaking, for the whole world, but to connect to the process, we can only through a broker. Then it becomes more interesting, because it is possible to trade currencies in a different way. Further, for simplicity, call the following for both options:

1. trade binary options (next, I will talk about it, how about working with the options)
2. a classic work on Forex (I will say, as Forex trading)

Let's see what the difference is, and what easier and more profitable to operate.

Options trading

When you trade binary options in the terminal we see the list of available tools, as shown in the image below.
The options and their trading tools
Next to each tool in the reverse order counting time. When it reaches zero, then it is no longer possible to work with this option and in available there will be new versions for another time.

At the completion of the time specified in the table to the right of the option, you cannot invest in this tool. When the time ends, it remains only to wait about five minutes, depending on the option, upon termination of which the market price will be fixed. With this value the system will compare the price at which a trader has entered the deal. Read more look at example next.

Look very simple, you have to make a deal on the growth or decline rate of a trading instrument. For example, the current price for the instrument 1,5650, we still have 38 seconds (in the picture above) that would enter into an agreement with the current option, and before it was completed 5 min. and 38 sec. For example, we decide that the rate after 5 min 38 sec. grow up, and, no matter how much.

Next is the agreement, and for five minutes we can't influence the situation, and only waiting for the end of time and fixing market prices. The value of the market price is fixed at the moment of completion of time. If this price is more than 1.5650, then we get the profit. If less, then climbs our investment.

The market for all like quotes, so there are no individual scenarios, and all in the hands of the trader. If you enter into transactions at random, nothing good of the scheme will not work, it is desirable to analyze the market, find the features and patterns that you can use to count the profit.

What is difficult in trading binary options?

Most interesting is that the trading process is very simple. Registers a trading account, reloadable, open schedule quotes. No software is necessary, because you can trade directly in your personal area on the company website even from work, even from home.

Then look at what is happening in the market, analyze the situation, do not hasten with decision-making. For example, they saw that the market began actively to fall, then quickly the support agreement (investment) on sale at a certain time, after which we immediately see the result.

Difficulties in binary option is to forecast the market, but, as practice shows, even beginners who have not previously had dealings with the financial markets, quickly understand the situation.

Classical trading on Forex

When trading Forex, in the classic form trader makes a deal on the purchase or sale of, without limitation in time. You can decide to close the position five minutes, and you can in a couple of months, and how much by that time, points will be a market, and so will the speculator profit or loss. All, in fact, depends on the difference of the rate at which the trader has bought a certain amount of a currency pair, and that he sold this volume.

If the difference is positive, then the person earns money, and the more the difference, the greater the profit. At the same time, the actual reverse situation, when the difference between the buying and selling was negative. In this case, the trader suffers losses, the amount of which is determined by the difference of the same courses.

To learn classic Forex even, perhaps. more difficult than binary options trading. Experienced traders limit losses on trades, hoping the market will change and display at least to zero their failed position. When trading options such a situation will not work, as it sets the time before the tabulation, so in the worst for the speculator case, he will not lose more than he had an investment in one transaction at its conclusion.

To choose, of course, to You, but for beginners I would recommend all the same binary options. I hope that at least in General terms, could bring You the answer to the question - what better to trade Forex? Now You know that the market is unified, but it is possible to trade this "old-fashioned", and you can use a relatively new and more simple way of earning money with binary options trading.

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