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What to look for when choosing a broker
All transactions that are carried out in the Forex market, necessarily pass through brokers. Forex brokers are the principal intermediaries between the trader and the Forex market. It is through broker private persons, i.e. traders can get access to different kinds of currency transactions on the Forex market. For their services forex brokers charge a fee, which in turn can be fixed or percentage. That is, the benefits brokers receive always. And the money goes to them not only on the transactions made by the trader but also from various training activities and other services offered. 

It should be noted that brokers can be presented in the form of separate private persons, and the company also acts as intermediary between the exchanges and the traders. It is interesting to note that most modern dealing centers treat the issue very carefully, because of the high quality of feedback depends not only on the earnings of the trader, but also the profit of the company.

In the market of our country of a professional and experienced players recommend beginners to colleagues to trade only on long term deals. This is due to the fact that short-term processes in most cases can be incorrect, which in turn will lead to considerable losses. During long operations, on the contrary, users can easily identify the trend of any currency pair, whereby traders can close, if necessary, their trade. Short trades also almost always require careful observation and monitoring that should be carried out not only in daytime but also at night, which is a very difficult task.

Special attention should be given to exactly where the company is registered. In this regard, the most reliable are companies of the following countries: UK, EU, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Australia. If the company is registered in any offshore zone, it is likely you may experience various difficulties and conflicts that you will remain unprotected and will have absolutely no warranty.

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