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What you need to know about opening an account
The popularity of the Forex market in a virtual environment reaches a scale to compare with them can develop a social network. About Forex, albeit hearsay, but they know almost everything. To earn on Forex dreams a considerable number of Internet users (and many traders do not from that side approached early in his trading career, remains on the earnings in Forex is dream). A certain percentage of dreamers solved and recorded on the website of any broker. However, it is important to understand that forex account opening is not a simple check on some conventional literary website, but a serious step in life. With kondachka such decisions are not made, and chances for a successful start it is necessary to consider all the details.

First, you need to have at least a General idea of how currency exchange works. Directly on the market the trader alone and no one will be allowed. Internet traders work through brokers who actually perform on the market transactions which the trader makes on the screen of your monitor (and actually provided by the broker trading platform). These conditions allow some unscrupulous dealers preying on gullible people, and in a variety of ways: through the correction of these courses on their trading platform, the artificial resistance is large good deals, banal counter withdrawal to wallets in payment systems and so on. So, before on Forex open an account you need to decide on a brokerage organization. The Internet is full not only offers brokerage firms, but the reviews of traders about them, and often unpleasant. To examine these reviews the reputation of the broker – a matter of one hour. In addition, the mandatory verification is subject to membership of the company to the international organizations regulating the legal norms of the brokerage business: the PARTNERSHIP and CROUP. Special attention should be given to the second: the Commission on regulation of relations of participants of financial markets. Finally, the brokers always provide information about the experience in the foreign exchange market and the country in which the company is registered. Often, this is a country of some offshore Caribbean island, with prejudice to treat this is not necessary, but share the caution will not hurt.

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