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Where to start learning to play Forex
Broad prospects opening up on the Forex market today are very attractive target for many who want to earn and increase their capital. However, the game on Forex as in any independent business, the first problem for many become cash for the initial Deposit. Believing that part of the salary spend on training courses Forex and the conclusion of the first trade deals in the absence of any practical experience is a waste of money should think about other ways of receiving the Deposit without losses for the family budget.

Start learning to play Forex is the game in the demo account using virtual currency units. Money on a demo account to earn will not work, but you can gain practical experience in transactions and also to "feel" the market.

The second method has gained popularity recently, due to active promotion of online trading to the masses. Now any novice can take advantage of special brokerage bonus, thanks to which real account is credited with ten or twenty dollars held for trading mini Forex. In the end, earning money for trading operations with currencies, the trader can withdraw money, repaying the broker the amount of initial Deposit.The main condition for the bonus is the procedure of identity verification, i.e. the provision of electronic scans of passports and other documents that deters many distrustful of newcomers.

The last way of learning is the trading on the Forex market using the investor's money, the so-called trade on the PAMM-account. The catch is to find the investor who will venture to provide own funds at the disposal of a beginner, do not even have time to take classes Forex and achieve some success in Forex trading. Therefore, this method is suitable only for those traders who has a stable positive dynamics on a demo account or micro Forex, as for most novice of receipt of such Deposit, an unlikely event.In addition, quite often investors are opening PAMM-accounts of those traders who took the first places in various competitions and showed a serious attitude to trade.

In any case, it is worth remembering that the Forex market is not a casino or free money. Forex is a constant learning game and hard work based on their own knowledge and capabilities.

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