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Who are the Forex traders
Forex trader is a person who trades in the Forex market. Traders are professionals with relevant education in Economics, work in a Bank or dealing center, sometimes working for themselves. Trader-the fan usually works in a different field, has a non-core education, trading gives spare time and occasionally he enters into transactions in the market. Statistics show that only 5% of traders are getting regular income from doing trading and remain in the market, and the rest poured a couple of deposits and leave the market forever. Very interesting to read the reviews tradersforum.

Trader is not the work, which lasts from 9 am to 17 PM. It's a lifestyle, which dictates constant attention to news and to market. The trader can't just go on vacation, because you can easily change the market and it can lose all the money.

The meaning of the trader to make transactions with the currency. Buy a currency at one price and sell at another - more profitable. This requires constant analysis of market information, monitoring changes of the market, timely proper response to them. For this you need hard emotional control, self-discipline and sober analytical mind.

The main working tool of the trader is a computer. He usually will not be assigned a salary, he gets a profit from their bets. But we must not forget that the key point of professionalism of the trader is its success. For the success of a trader is judged on his work. And successful traders are not especially numerous.

Great importance in the work of the trader has the instinct. It is quite common situation when a trader has no education or experience, but intuitively one concludes for another successful transaction. 

The development of mobile Internet has made possible the occupation of trading in any time and have greatly expanded the ability of traders. Now you shouldn't be chained to a computer or laptop, it is sufficient to monitor market dynamics with a smartphone screen.

The trader is a very interesting profession and definitely worth the efforts that you have to spend in order to be successful. To find information on how to start as a trader in Forex, you can see the traders forum Forex.

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