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Why I love Forex (and You will too)
The opportunity to work directly in my pajamas in the comfort of your own home or on a quiet beach on the island of Tahiti (of course, if there is Wi-Fi) and earn the high money - isn't that is the main reason why people would want to make a career in Forex trading. Of course, this sounds attractive, but it's not the main reason.

But if money and freedom - is not the main reason to fall in love with Forex trading, then what are they?

Low financial requirements:

Since the Forex currency quotes are used very narrow spreads, and start-up capital needed to start trading, can be quite small. Many brokers currently offer their customers to open accounts with minimum deposits of $ 100 or even lower, and allow traders to determine the size of the positions from which they can trade. All this makes the Forex market extremely affordable for individuals that do not have large starting trading capital.A nice bonus is the fact that trading in Forex is carried out with a high level of leverage or the "shoulder", often equal to 50:1 or 100:1.

Zero or very low Commission fees:

Although some brokers do charge a Commission based on a percentage of the spread, but the majority of brokerage companies make money on this monetary - inserting a fixed or variable spread. The lack of Commission payments, as well as a very narrow market spreads reduce the costs of Forex trading are much lower than costs on any other trading markets.

High liquidity:

Since the currency market is very large and the number of participants, and in its volume (daily volume exceeding $ 4 trillion) - it is extremely liquid. This means that even large transactions in Forex are carried out almost instantly, with one click of the mouse, and without significant price deviations - given the very small spreads and very efficient pricing.

The variety of trading instruments:

Based on the time factor, the patterns of volatility or economic situation, traders can choose for their operations, any of a variety of trading instruments, includes eight major currencies, which, in turn, form seven different major currency pairs. This makes trading much more intuitive and simple than other markets. The stock market in search of the best trading opportunities, traders should follow the quotes of thousands of stocks.In Forex trading traders should not only keep up with economic and political news of eight countries and can move from one to other currency pairs, based on their personal preferences and calendars of economic releases.

Open 24 hours:

All right! The FX market is the only market really is open 24 hours a day. Since the opening of the Australian market on Monday morning until the final bell on the new York stock market on Friday afternoon foreign exchange market never sleeps. Single market in the Western hemisphere is closed, and the other in the Eastern, open, allowing you to participate in the trading process traders who have busy working schedule or who in the day time busy at their main job. You can take advantage of different time zones and trade at any time during the day or night.

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